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Meet Doctor Andrew Lobacz, DC

Your Evansville Chiropractor

Dr. Andrew Lobacz became a chiropractor because he believes every person has the right to be healthy. He offers expert care for pain management and prevention at Lobacz Chiropractic to men and women in Evansville, Indiana.

Dr. Lobacz wants to get to know you and your family so he can help you achieve the healthiest life possible. He emphasizes prevention and education, so you can keep your body free of dysfunction. The health and alignment of your spine and vertebrae, as well as your joints, are crucial to overall body health.

After personally having an episode of Bell’s palsy successfully and seemingly miraculously resolved with chiropractic care, he decided he wanted to learn how to help others overcome similar health challenges. He emphasizes spinal alignment to create an efficient internal environment for your body. When you’re aligned well, you can overcome issues including numbness and tingling, lower back pain, headaches, digestive disorders, and fibromyalgia.

For straightforward chiropractic care that puts your body back into alignment and opens up channels of health, contact Lobacz Chiropractic today.

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